God's Word

While trying to clean and organize my art studio I came across some holy cards I had purchased a while back. I have an ever growing stash of these little beauties. Little mass cards, prayer cards, cards with pictures of Saints.... yep, I love them all... I am ALWAYS on the hunt for more!
Before tucking my treasures into a drawer where I keep my collection, I decided to create a little something-something for a friend of mine whose sister died due to a hit and run. My friend's sister was walking to a nearby store to grab a gallon of milk for her young son and was struck and left to die in the roadway.....  What can be said? no words are ever adequate-- but God is universal in his words.... so I created a little Religious wall hanging to hopefully give her some solace during this painful time. Here it is in all its glory~To create this piece I used one of those plain cardboard circular ornament blanks that you get from a hobby store for the base. I fussy cut out the center and added a thin piece of cardboard to seal off the opening leaving a little well to create inside of.
I covered the cardboard with thin gold paper that I ran through my embossing machine to give the little shrine some added texture. The gold was extremely bright, so I added some black paint to distress it a little bit. I made the sunburst crown behind the image of Jesus using of all things-- the little topper that is on top of a Christmas ornament. I had bought a huge bag of ornament topper replacement pieces for a few dollars at a second hand store months ago...  just goes to show you I'll buy just about anything. *wink* Easily flattened with my bare hands and then a few whacks with a small hammer and I had the perfect sunburst crown.
 Here you can better see the depth of the little shrine.... I added moss, vintage flowers, vintage Dresden trim and of course some rhinestone pieces. The purple fabric I used is iridescent fabric which turns from purple to a moss green at different angles. Above you can see the purple, and below you can see the green hue showing up... magical.
The blue tinsel around the shrine I had bought at Christmas time not knowing what I would ever use it for.....
 I really like how it all came together, I think I'll continue making more of these. I know a lot of people who could use a little Holy Shrine themselves....
myself included.
 big hugs,



 Wow-ee wow... 2018 already.... 
This past year had been really good, then it seems like everything kinda went down hill towards the end of the year.... So much so, that when I list everything that has happened recently, it appears like I'm making it up because it is All.To.Much.
Take a gander...
1.) Having to help with the end of life care for my mother-in-law.... she is 94 and is one mean lady.
2.) The murder of two extended family members.... 
3.) My own medical emergencies that are far from being diagnosed....
4.) And now, my 2 year old Belgian Malinois is sick. She lost about 14 pounds suddenly... $300 bucks later, no diagnosis on her illness- yet. 

That is just a summary of what we are dealing with-- Hours and hours spent on all of the above.. with no end in sight. With that said, 2018 is going to be a GREAT YEAR- life does go forward no matter what gets thrown at you! ......Here is my mantra for the upcoming year...I totally stole if from Wildflower 57's blog-- because it is a good one!
"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you"
~Maori proverb
Profound huh? Right now I'm going to go sit and "turn my face" towards my little space heater because I'm freezing.... Happy New Year!
big hugs,


Cheerleader Candy Canes

My 8 year old grandaughter is a cheerleader at her school. I thought I would whip up a few candy cane creations for her to pass out to her fellow cheerleaders.... um, there are 48 cheerleaders and 2 coaches. I thought maybe there would be like, 25ish... no. I was needing to make 50. laughing~
So, here are fifty cheerleader candy-cane-creations wearing a very close copy of the cheer outfits that they wear... complete with pom poms and a blue ribbon on each ponytail.

I hope my grandaughter enjoys passing them out and that the girls like them :-)
 These were fun to make.... but I'm glad they are all finished!
 I've got to get my studio in order and get cracking making some jewelry pieces for this upcoming year to sell. I have an opportunity to sell every month of the year at a venue at one of the clubs I belong to.
Of course saying that... I'm already thinking... Valentines day is fast approaching, what can I make!
big hugs,


Santa Candy Canes

Here is this year's candy cane creation I've come up with for my two grandkids to pass out to their friends... Santa Claus!
 I added a little brass bell to each Santa's hat....

 Once all the faces were created it was just a matter of cutting out the red outfits and assembling each Santa.
 Lots and lots of Santas....
 Sixty candy cane Santa's in all!
 Here they are all bundled up and ready for delivery.
Here are my candy cane creations from years past....
Candy Cane Reindeer.....
I am wanting to whip up something for my grandaughter to pass out to her cheerleading friends... (she is 8 and a cheerleader, super cute!) I better get busy as the schools winter vacation is fast approaching!
big hugs,


Happy Thanksgiving

Goodness... where does the time go? I managed to whip up some turkey lollipops for my two grandkids to pass out to their classmates (last week).... it makes me happy that they enjoy passing them out to their friends.
 They were totally last minute as I thought they surely wouldn't want them anymore since they are getting older.... but I was wrong. I got all sixty turkey's made in one day.
 I even had some leaves left over to glue on to- two bags to hold all of them.
Christmas is fast approaching and I've already bought 10 boxes of candy canes so I can get a head start on creating something for the grandkids to pass out for Christmas. Fun times... fun times :-)
big hugs,


Puttering Around in the Yard

I'm still puttering around on my front yard makeover. I have gotten all the bricks laid back down and level. I've expanded the area quite a bit making it a lot more functional. I even created a small privacy wall using some panels I turned on their sides and attached to some posts. It serves two purposes.... privacy obviously... and behind this fence is a lot of pirate stuff! I like how the fence turned out. The paint choice was a compromise with my husband-- I wanted super-duper dark gray... he caught me in a weak moment and I agreed to whatever color this is.... it looks... ok..... it is a nice backdrop for all my pirate stuff :-)
 I am trying my best not to go to heavy handed on displaying pirate things on the street side of this fence...
 On the backside is a whole other story. I've brought a lot of pirate things into the front yard, nothing is really set in stone just yet, things will be moved around until it is just right.
 I'm making over the lagoon area in my backyard. I've dug up all the plants in the lagoon and I've transplanted them in the front yard. I'm also pulling up a lot of pirate things I had stuck in the dirt around the plants. This area is now going to be filled with boxes, barrels and trunks. I'm trying to get my yard down to a low maintenance yard! I brought three fountains from the backyard to the front yard and used spray Styrofoam in each one so I could drape some pirate treasure from them-- without using to much treasure. You can see the styrofoam in the bottom part of this fountain.
 Here is another fountain...

I bought this barrel that had a door at the bottom of it. I unscrewed the door completely from the barrel and placed a cat bed inside it. Caute~
This is a planter that is by the step up to my front door. I've got a lot of plants jammed into this one pot, for now they all are happy.

 I've got a long thigh high planter leading up to the front door. I pulled out all the plants that were in there and replaced it with pirate stuff.

I added faux greenery and of course a lot of moss.

There is even some bare spots to add more treasure to this area!

I added some pirate face masks to the star jasmine trellis I created for my wall. The tombstones are there for Halloween...

It is still a work in progress... but it is progressing! I've got to pull up some brick and lay some water lines to add to my drip system to get all the plants on a drip... low to NO maintenance is what I'm going for!*wink*
big hugs,


Card Club

I joined a local card making group called, "Rock, paper, scissors." My friend Sandra hooked me up. Thanks Sandra!  I was happy to see I knew three people in the group already. This group comes together once a month to share techniques and ideas, which is awesome for me because I have no clue what I'm doing! One person brings in card making supplies for everyone to have a "make and take" to create while together as a group.  I am not even going to share my card that I made.... It.Was.Bad....
The prompt for this months card was "animals." I used the technique that they had shown us during the last meeting to create my card. (you didn't have to, but I wanted to try it!) It was easy, you use your embossing heat gun to heat up your card stock paper and draw on the heated paper with a crayon. The crayon obviously melts giving a nice appearance to the colored area... cute. I found a card idea on Pinterest and recreated it. I don't own the cat stamp I used.... I found it online and printed it directly onto card stock. I am so going to jail.

 The hardest part for me was adhering the thin patterned paper to the card stock base. First, I tried spray adhesive-- well, that didn't hold at all. Wha?? Next, I tried Elmer's glue.... that ended up feeling lumpy since the patterned paper was so thin. Blah... I ended up purchasing some double sided sticky tape on a roller which ended up working nicely. I used my scoring board and a needle to create the torn look to each card, the backside of the cat has puffy tape on it to pop it off the card a smidgen.
 To keep the card and envelope together I added a long strip of card stock around each set and used Washi tape to seal it.
I was told that I didn't have to use rubber stamps to create my cards. Whew, that makes me feel better... my stamping skills are awful *wink*
Next months theme is, "Wedding or anniversary." So far~ so fun!
big hugs,